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Breedlove auto repair dixon illinois
auto repair dixon illinois


Brakes / Lube

Tires / Suspension

 Electrical / Emissions

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We do BRAKES and LUBE!

We are ready to service all types of brake jobs at our facility.  Braking systems are vital to any vehicle,  we service : Disk Brakes Pads , Brake Shoes,  Grease the Slack Adjusters,  Brake Rotors , Brake Calipers , Linings and Hoses, Brake Bearings, Brake pins, Brake Corrosion, Brake lock -up, ABS Hydraulic Units, Wheel Cylinders , Brake Drums, Master Cylinders, Cables......and more. Give us a call to set up a diagnosis for your Brake Repair needs.


Need an Lube Change for your vehicle? Breedlove's has got you covered  with all oil filters for the job.


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Tires , Struts, Shocks, Springs? No Problem!

We offer a great service for any tire job you need. We can special order any  'Tire' you need & have them arrive promptly to get you back on the road. Our team has professional tools for changing tires, fixing tires, and repairing lugs on small, medium, and heavy duty trucks.


We have the tools and experience to fix all suspension needs for your vehicle in a timely manor.  We also have sources in the area to  acquire a quick part replacement on site.  Come in today to get your shocks , struts , and springs replaced at Breedlove's .



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Quality Automotive Services

Breedlove's Automotive and  it's highly qualified staff allows us to provide a multitude of vehicle repair services.  We have the equipment  to get the job done efficiently. We know that fast & efficient repairs are important,  to allow the best possible outcome for your vehicle needs. Below are some of our exclusive auto repair services.

Transmission / Engine

Cooling / Heating


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Transmission / Engine

Breedlove's has certified  specialist to check Engine  and Transmission diagnostics for your vehicle. If you find that your vehicle 'Check Engine Light' comes on, our technicians can check the  your engines computer for an accurate estimate.  It's important that our customers  understand why their vehicle's light is on  before any professional maintenance can be done.  We also rebuild engines and transmission in our shop.  Let us do a free 'Engine Diagnostics' test for you !


heating and cooling repair

Cooling Systems / Heating Systems

Breedlove's team has  the mechanics  and tools needed  to replace  hoses, belts, compressors,  fans, water pumps,  thermostats , heating cores, freon  replacement , and more! We diagnose and repair air conditioning systems on all types of vehicles and heavy machinery. We will diagnose and repair your AC system and Heating accommodations promptly in our complete service garage. Set up an appointment today for your 'Heating and Cooling' needs today.

Services for all vehicles include:

Brakes | Tires (All Brands New / Used) | Electrical  Systems | Transmission (Repair/ Rebuild)

Cooling  Systems (Radiator/ Water pumps) | Air Condition | Engine (Repair/Rebuild)| Timing (Belts/Chains) | Air Condition | Exhaust | Heating | Struts | Shocks | Check Engine Light (Sensors)| Tune-up | Other (Just Ask Us...We will be glad to help you)




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